Facebook - For Iace-edu Email Fake

Facebook - For Iace-edu Email
Facebook - For Iace-edu Email
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John Snow, Campus Professional Box Scanner Beater!

There are several quality vendors on the internet to chose from. Some ship from overseas like China like IDGod and some are located in the USA like IDViking. And of course there are scam sites out there as well (like idhurry). I ordered from IDGod which was alright, but it took forever to arrive. I ordered another from idhurry that never arrived (my friends lost money too). After that I visited the fakeidvendors.com forum and found good reviews for the ID Viking.

Now you ask about it being legitimate. No ID you order on the internet will ever be verified against a computer of any sort of government agency. Vendors make fake IDs that scan with the information on your ID, but they don’t have any sort of magical access to government databases. However, it is the best option out there.

Ordering off the internet is your best option. I do know some people who’ve organized groups to get discounts from vendors, but these people have gone to the same vendors on many occasions. So of course, ask your friends about their experiences as well! Good luck!

Christopher Hawk, Retired 20+ year police patrol veteran in a Big Ten town

“Where can I get a legit fake ID?”

lol… You can’t.

“Legit” and “fake ID” are diametrically opposed — it can’t be “legit” and “fake.”

I know… I know… You mean you want a fake ID which will pass inspection at most bars without any fuss.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of answers to this question with various scammers and spammers posting email addresses and various social media contacts for getting “legit” fake IDs. The problem there is, how do you decide who to use? One might actually be a “reputable businessperson” willing to provide a high-quality fake ID for a few hundred bucks, but what about those people who get your money via Western Union or pre-paid Visa and then never produce the ID? It’s not like you’re going to be able to go hunt them down or anything for ripping you off and then opening a dozen credit cards in your name.

There’s also the sticky wicket of knowing that there are police agencies and DMV offices and various other official types who will run stings on folks like you. The silver lining of that cloud, however, is that you may be able to use the $150 -> $250 you sent for the ID as bond for your criminal charges.

Even if you get really lucky and find an “honest” criminal willing to produce your fake ID, fate might just decide to take a dump on you (aka, War story alert:)

A few other officers and I were involved in a “loud party” call which turned into a “where did this safe in the middle of the floor come from?” incident. Basically, we were waiting outside for another officer to arrive before breaking up a party and Joe Dopeslinger in the same apartment building freaked out about our squad cars sitting out front and thought we were on our way to see him. He packed all his shit into a small-ish safe and lugged it downstairs to where his friend was having a party and left it there “for safekeeping.” The problem was that his friend said, “I’ve never seen that safe before in my life!” and we seized it as found property. When we got a warrant to open it, we discovered all the dope and cash that Joe tried to hide. We also found all the materials needed for making fairly high-quality fake IDs, along with records of all the IDs Joe made for the past year. That’s right. Joe made copies of his finished work.

It was easy to track down the majority of those folks — they used their real names. The rest simply got sent to the Secretary of State’s office and they used their photo analysis tools to match the fake ID pictures to real ones in the State’s computers. All told, about 97% of the fake ID customers got matched to real people. Those real people all ended up facing license suspension sanctions for purchasing fake IDs, along with various other criminal and civil sanctions.

Yes… I know… there are literally thousands of people who get fake IDs every year and never have problems at bars. Well… that’s true, but there’s absolutely no guarantee that you will be one of them next year. There is also the distinct possibility that you will run into a cop somewhere along the way who discovers the fake ID and decides to make an example of you.

Facebook - For Iace-edu Email I won’t wish you good luck in finding a fake ID, but I will hope you’re smart enough to avoid the issue entirely.

Back in the day it was common for people to bribe patronage in the Social Security office and drivers license office in IL to get a real SSN recognized by the SSA, and a real Divers License .

This was usually done through the Democrat precinct captain who would also throw in voter ID card. Illegal immigrants from eastern Eutope were the biggest customers. But Filipinos, revoked license truck drivers and others were also common. Less often customers did it to escape bill collectors. Less often because they couldn’t ome up with enough cash.

I suspect it happens less now, but still happens. Illegals can now get a license without paying under the table. It is a function of supply and demand


Quora says I should provide more info for the many viewers. For names for this type of info you need to know a Democrat precinct captain or some politically connrcted person. I could name a few. But that isnt my purpose in being on quora.

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Facebook - For Iace-edu Email Fake Facebook - For Iace-edu Email Fake
Fake Email for Facebook - iace-edu
Facebook - For Iace-edu Email